Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why Make Assemblages?

by Aerotine MacWhinnie

My Room
by Aubrey Sumner & Caitlynne Adams

The Squirrel's Den
by Brittany Holmes

by Molly Wolanski

Sculpture & Pottery students created assemblages. Assemblage has been described as art where "collage meets sculpture" and gives new life to discarded man-made objects. Here's what one artist says to answer the question, "Why Make Assemblages?"

"There are a number of reason an artist may want to make an assemblage. For traditional collage artists, adding a found object or two is an effective way to add texture and depth to a collage, or to add a funky appeal. Another reason two-dimensional artists may want to create an assemblage is because it is a non-threatening way to explore making sculpture. For others using recycling, discarded or found objects into an assemblage, may be a way of making an environmental statement." -Pam Gaulin

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