Friday, January 14, 2011

Nonobjective Watercolor Paintings

Art I students have completed their large nonobjective watercolor paintings. Nonobjective art is

Non-objective art does not contain a recognizable subject. Rather, the artist manipulates the elements of art (color, shape, line, form, space, value, texture) by using the principles of design (balance, repetition, unity, rhythm, proportion, harmony, variety, emphasis, movement).(

Students looked at the paintings of Wasily Kandinsky for inspiration. Then they created designs using shapes and lines. Within each shape, they used specific experimental techniques. You can see a few of them in the detail of student work below:

Techniques with wet paint: Sprinkle wet paint with salt, Drop clean water drops on wet paint, spray with water bottle, Wet paint on wet paint, The "Thirsty Brush" technique, scratch into wet paint with tooth pick, screw driver, brush handle, credit card, pallette knife, etc.

Techniques over dry paint: Remove some paint with eraser and sandpaper, sponge painting with another color, fan brush, etc.

Below are a few of the finished paintings along with the artists' names.

Sophie Lackner

Arianna Crawford

Danielle Cole

Morgan Carnrike

Megan Kelley

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  1. i'm doing an essay on non objective art at mo my first one for uni & also for years i'm a mature student not that you'd notice love these images simply for the beautiful explosions of colour that i see in them they are all balanced & look happy remind me of robert delauney exponant of orphism well done you lot!