Thursday, November 11, 2010

Altered Books II

Reading Gives you Wings
by Sophie Lackner

Circus Book
by Basti Syed

Here are two finished examples of the altered books ninth graders are working on. I've made videos of them to show how that, like mobiles, they rotate.

The Rowe Gallery

In the lobby of Rowe, we have set up a gallery. We have about ten frames of various sizes. Each week, we put new drawings and paintings in the frames, to showcase the latest efforts of talented student artists. Here are a few recent works of art we've had on display.

Orbit (acrylic)
by Danielle Cole

Dragonfly (acrylic)
by Basti Syed

Helmet (watercolor)
by Casey Cole

If anyone has any decent picture frames they are not using, we'll take them!

Graphic Novel Graphic Organizer

Ghostopolis (colored pencil)
by Jamie Evans

I got this idea from our Learning Focused Schools workbooks. A graphic organizer that shows a character from a book from the beginning of a book and at the end. Each student read a graphic novel. The goal is to illustrate the change that takes place in a character. This teaches students about themes in stories. Students also wrote a brief paper about the graphic novel they chose to read. This student sample is an excellent example of the project. The book she chose is one of the best graphic novels out there -- riveting and thought-provoking.

Editorial Cartoons

by Alli Mahonski
by Colton Roan

Eighth graders made original cartoons illustrating their opinions about the political parties. I am very proud of all my students. They put a lot of thought into it and expressed their views creatively.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guest Potter

Today we had a visit from Sayre High School student Janine Krench. She is planning to be an art teacher and visited as part of a job shadowing project. In addition to observing, she shared her own knowledge to students. She is quite an accomplished potter and we quickly set up a makeshift wheel throwing station. A few of the students got an introductory lesson in throwing clay on the pottery wheel.