Sunday, February 27, 2011

Charcoal Drawing

Drawing & Painting students made charcoal drawing. We graphed images and drew them, shading with blending stumps. Students achieved some fantastic results.

The Ghost of Al Capone
Drew Shaffer

by Jennifer Freeman

by Kyle Lingerfelt


In all of our classes, students can get extra credit points added to their grade for any sketches done outside of class. Here are some really fantastic examples of independent drawing by eighth grade students.
by Kathryn Herr

Death Dealer
by Jacob Bolt

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let's Get Surreal

Dream of the Lantern Fish
Ariel Walters

Remembrance of Dreams
Sydney Hill

by Daniel Moyer

Students learned about the art style of surrealism through the art of Salvador Dali. They created their own surreal compositions and colored them with colored pencil.

Go Nuts
Emily Elsbree

Oreo Chase
Emily Casterline

Eighth Grade Colored Pencil Drawing

Justine Case

Eighth graders just finished up some drawings with colored pencil. They demonstrated their understanding of color complexity (using layers of color) and creating drawings with a clear focal point.
Going Green
Taylor Conrad

Austin Lantz

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Altered Books for Creative Writing

This project was a joint venture between Mr. Heyler and Mr. Wales. The Creative Writing class came to the art room to start Creative Writing Journals made from altered books. We used acrylic paint to decorate books with abstract painting techniques and watercolor to make new pages. Students also looked at several examples of altered book journals. Then, everybody went off in different directions. As you can see from the examples, some students used themes from the books as prompts to create poetry, others collected their original poems, drawings, collages, song lyrics, and even recipes.


In Sculpture & Pottery, students are given the chance to try a few craft projects if they wish. One of the optional assignments to choose from is a weaving. Several students enjoyed working with a partner while they created a woven wall-hanging.

In Scultp

Strawberry Fields Forever

These students made a freestanding sculpture of John Lennon. First, they made an armature out of cardboard, masking tape, and a balloon. Then they used strips of Pariscraft to coat the armature. Next, they added details using yarn, buttons, pipe cleaners, etc.

John Lennon
by Lacey Satterly, Molly Wolanski, & Aerotine MacWhinnie